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   hongkonghomebrew is the first handmade hair styling products brand in Hong Kong and we started research and development of our products in 2016. Our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced locally from the U.K., while we refine our formulas going through tests repeatedly to achieve best results. We believe hair styling products should be made of what our bodies need. So you won’t find petroleum by-products in our ingredients as we don’t need it as machines does. While the local market is full of imported hair styling products which provides uncertain qualities, we aimed at promoting hongkonghomebrew to the world as a Hong Kong brand that represents quality handmade hair styling products.

   In 2021, we have moved our production to the United Kingdom and using local ingredients while keeping the highest standard of the hair products to the market as well as to let the customer to have a healthier choice.

   what we truly value is not merely the ability to hold in one single day, but to focus on providing 24 hours rejuvenation by carefully selecting our ingredients that brings back the natural elasticity of our hair and make them even healthier.

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