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hongkonghomebrew x Fadejai Collaboration 2 -

   Styling your hair shouldn't have to come at a cost your your health and the planet!  

   hongkonghomebrew & Fadejai really working on the right track to

eliminate the wastage as much as we can from our industry, we have developed our pomade refill stations in both Hair House Wan Chai & Central shops, customer just bring along their own jar/ can/ bottle then refill the cream pomade in the shop by themselves.

   We both believe environmental friendly is more than just a slogan, we should execute, we should help others to execute, that's why we really come up this refill station to help the customers styling their hair with high quality natural product as well as to execute the GREEN life.


   Bring you own jar and visit Hair House barbershop By Adam Chan (Wan Chai & Central), you can refill our natural cream pomade by you own!


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