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hongkonghomebrew x Fadejai Collaboration 1 -
Limited Edition Pomade

   This is the second time we have a crossover project with Hair House Barbershop By Adam Chan, Adam owns his lifestyle local brand - Fadejai, it has different product lines like Pomade, Skateboard, Home Brew Beer...etc.


   We come up with this project since we both have a same philosophy that we really want to make a True Hong Kong culture styling product with high quality natural ingredients and brewing locally and the key point is we hope to eliminate the wastage as much as we can from our industry.

   We are working close together from the ingredient selection, product testing, packaging design...etc, finally we made this cool stuff! We hope the customer can enjoy a high quality styling product and treat it as a collection as well as to support our up coming sustainable project!


   Come and visit Hair House barbershop By Adam Chan (Wan Chai & Central), and you can purchase this cool cream pomade and you gonna see something interesting that we are really working on GREEN!


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